Sunday, January 8, 2012

Birds & Guitars: A Homemade Wedding - Site Preparation

I always wanted an outdoor wedding in my parents' front yard by the pond. I didn't grow up dreaming about my wedding, but this one piece I had all planned out.. Even before the pond existed. Dad and I hand dug it with a shovel years before I even knew when or who I was marrying. Lucky for me I found someone willing to go along with it. :) Even with years of planning (in my head), there was a lot to do in the yard to get ready for the wedding. We worked for months to get it ready. We put in sod and planted pink flowering bushes (most of which didn't see the wedding thanks to mischevious goats and late spring freezes - Oh, the hazards of a West Texas ranch wedding), we fixed and painted our antique church pew collection, and Mom and Dad even had a concrete dance floor poured and an iron gazebo built above it (thanks to Jeff's Dad for helping out with that, and especially Dad's friend Richard. He did an amazing job). This is a collection of a few of the photos I could find from our months of hard work.

Cement truck pulling up

Discussing the plan

Rain = Mud = Stuck Cement Truck

Me watching them work - I was making a cake that day!

Dad finishing smoothing it up
Richard and Dad starting the Gazebo over the slab
Richard welding
Officially up in the air!
Finished Gazebo (and Sasha, lol)

More pictures to come! I'm not done!

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