Saturday, January 7, 2012

Birds & Guitars: A Homemade Wedding - Flowers :)

Okay... so nearly eight months later I'm trying to finish "The Wedding Blog" and slowly turn it into a blog of our now married life. So first things first, the remainder of the wedding preparation....

I wanted an outdoor country wedding and we set out to accomplish everything I wanted and still stick to a reasonable budget (I'm pretty sure we still went over it, but for the most part we tried).This wedding, was largely a DIY/Home-made wedding. Luckily for me my Mother is wonderfully crafty and raised me to be as well, so this was not a problem at all! We also had a few friends and family help us out with certain parts and pieces. The only thing we ordered and did not make was the wedding party attire (including my dress). The groomsmen and bridesmaid attire was ordered from and I purchased my dress from David's Bridal (one reason we went way over budget!). However, I did do my own tailoring of my dress, which was super scary!

I chose turquiose and chocolate brown as my colors along with fuschia accents, primarily in the form of flowers. I wanted a variety of fuschia flowers and had wanted to use fresh. But I also wanted flowers that would last until the last guests left. Who wants droopy flowers mid-reception? In the end we decided since we live in West Texas and the wedding and reception were being held outdoors at the end of May in unpredictable levels of Texas heat... That going with a mix of silk and live flowers was our best bet. We shopped the sales at our local craft stores and bought loads of silk fushia flowers, then ordered live "Hot Lady" fushia roses fresh from Ecuador. Mom made all the bouquets, corsages, boutinerres, table centerpieces, and aisle arrangements. The result was beautiful. :)

Flower garlands waiting to be put on the arbor (Phone pic = blurry)

Some of the Silk Flowers we used (phone pic)

Roses shipped fresh from Ecuador

A box of roses :)

Bouquet from live and silk flowers

Boutinerre using live rosebud, silk leaf and turquoise accent

Aisle arrangement test run

Table centerpieces test run

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